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Welcome to the Bob Canoe!

A world of humor and hobos that anybody can edit!!!! Hobos aren't as cool as the Tooth Fairy, but there's already a wiki about that. So this is the next best thing!!! Bob is in a canoe, and he wants you to edit the canoe owned by himself, Bob, so Bob would appreciate if you edit the canoe. Bob will strangle you if you vandalize his canoe though. Bob wishes that Bob's canoe is edited, get it? Got it? If you don't, EDIT!

Bob Canews

  • A Bob just got chucked off a cliff by Isaac after being rejected from Hobopalooza.
  • We also have decided to rename this site to LEXI IS PRETTY AND COOLER THAN U!!!! Haha jk!!! Were still the bob canoe (which our lovely administator Lexi Rox SOx still doesnt understand) and...ya. MAY THE TOOTH FAIRY BE WITH YOU
  • John McMillan got caught doing the macirana inside of Hobopalooza.
  • fyi this site is awesome!

Messages from the admins


Lexi rox sox

errrr....dont have a good time here? haha i am sooo cool!!!! U ALL JEALOUS??? u bet u are FFOOO! Tooth Fary in da house!

I am cooler than you

Do crappy edits that is what the home page seys.I think.I rock. I am awesome. And I am way cooler than you.

The (50 yr old) Man

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